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What is School Based Health Care?

School based health care offers health services to students while they are in school. CHC has a team of skilled and experienced professionals who work together to ensure your students health needs are met without taking them out of school.

How can my student be eligible for this program and receive healthcare services?

All students in our participating schools are eligible for services once consent is received.  Students that do not have a regular health care provider will be connected with one of our experienced providers at CHC to manage their healthcare needs.


We are always accepting new patients! 


Do you accept Medicaid?

Yes we accept most insurances, including IL and IA Medicaid


What if my family doesn’t have health insurance?

Our program offers patients sliding-fee assistance during the enrollment process. A sliding-fee scale is a payment model used to help our patients that self-pay or have high deductibles.  


Are school nurses still available?

Yes. The school nurse will continue to provide all students with the same services they had in the past regardless of their enrollment in the School Health Program.

If my child becomes an established patient through SBHC program, are they still able to receive services in-clinic at CHC or vice versa?

Yes. Once your child is established as a patient with CHC they are eligible to receive services while they are in school or in-clinic. 

How do you enroll my child? Or schedule appointments?

Complete enrollment forms in the “ENROLL (LINK)” tab and our team will contact you within 48 hours. Once enrolled you can schedule appointments with the SBHC team or school nurse. “CONTACT US (LINK)” for more information.

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