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About Our School Health Program

CHC is working with various school districts to bring holistic health care to students in school.  We want to make your students’ health a priority by delivering services that are convenient, compassionate and culturally inclusive.

Our goal is to provide on-site medical care and counseling to students. This way, they miss less school and do not need to travel to a clinic.

Healthy students are better learners!

Services Offered at School

School-Based Telehealth 

We partner with school nurses using technology to conduct confidential virtual health visits.  We use our secure Virtual Exam Rooms to connect our providers with students the same way they would in a traditional clinic setting. Our providers can do real-time tests and exams with the technology.


  • Accessibility & Convenience:

School-Based Telehealth allows schools to have access to our CHC services. Parents/Guardians can participate in visits through phone calls, without interruptions to your daily routines.

  • Primary Care:

✓ Preventive services

✓ Acute and chronic care (sick, asthma, ADHD)

✓ Immunizations

✓ Vision screenings


  • Behavioral and Mental Health:

✓ Screening, assessment, and early intervention

✓ individual counseling

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Physical Exams & Vaccinations

We have multiple mobile medical units.  Events are coordinated with participating schools throughout the year.  Exams and vaccines are offered at the school to make sure your student stays healthy. 

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